Our history

Why we have chosen the name ‘Gregersen’

Earlier the neighboring building and the one dedicated to be the Gregersen Art Point were one joint area which was the headquarter of a prominent architectural company called ‘G. Gregersen and Sons’. The buildings were designed by Gudbrand Gregersen and Károly Bergh in 1874-75. Gregersen originally came from Norway and was a renowned crafter, architect and bridge engineer.

He moved to Hungary by a lucky accident and established a wood industrial and architectural firm which carried out several significant commissions such as railways, railway stations and wooden bridges throughout the country, woodworks for the Hungarian Parliament and the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest. He was ennobled by Francis Joseph for his efforts to rebuild Szeged after a terrible flood destroyed almost the whole town.

As a result of his diligence and devotion he became an esteemed and influential figure of Hungary despite his foreign origin. His life sets an example of success that can be achieved with talent and perseverance in a receptive environment regardless of nationality.

We have chosen his name to dedicate Gregersen Art Point to this ideal and create an open-minded international atmosphere.

Gregersen Art Point was established  I+H Real Estate, Architectural and Engineering Ltd.