Végh Júlia - Folytonosság 2016.05.14. - 05.24.

  • 14 May 2016
  • admin


The main motive on Júlia's current exhibition is the idea of construction/destruction and the relationship between them. During a construction, something new arises, something is moving forward, developing and progressing. On the other hand, destruction reminds us of bringing something down, collapsing, and taking apart things. However, the two events are connected in some ways as well. One cannot be exist without the other. Destruction cannot only lead to demolition; it could be the way to build something up again. This is an indispensible process, which is not necessary attracts aesthetic beauty. 

Júlia brings these thoughts to life through oil-canvas, paper, and installation. She will exhibit works about constructions, the disassembly/recovery of spaces, which often take place in Budapest. Some of her political themed works will also appear, through which Júlia supplements statues or events of political significance by applying social criticism and humor. Through sociological symbolism, she creates a parallel between politicians, as their own or other's idols, and she connects their work with the leading concept of the exhibition. This concept could be constructive or destructive as well.

In the recent past, Júlia started to experiment with installations. The construction ribbon motif connects the whole exhibition, symbolizing the construction/demolition theme, while creating an awareness feeling, and facilitating the exhibition to step outside, to the street, offering a more relevant, engaging and innovative image.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Gregersen Art Point, the International Business School - Budapest and the Vinum Veress winery.