About us

The Gregersen Art Point was founded in December of 2014 . The Gregersen Art Point has provided professional development opportunities for arts professionals working in and across artforms, in exchange for the sharing of skills, knowledge and networks with local host communities. Arts Residencies are innovative, flexible and supportive, and are grounded in personal and enduring relationships. The program promotes sustained cross-cultural dialogue by facilitating reciprocal residencies and trialing new models of engagement. We provide accomodation, studio and exhibition opportunity for artists participating in our programs. Our main area of expertise as a center for contemporary art is hosting resident artists from all over the world and providing them with the support they need. That includes a shared studio space (according to the number of applicants we can provide individual studios as well), accommodation (candidates can choose beds from rooms of one to four persons) and a large exhibition space in the same building.  

Gregersen Art Point has two floors Premium Art Hostel, where are 15 rooms with 40 beds. We are welcome the domestic and foreign tourists and guests in modern architectural environment of contemporary Hungarian painters paintings. In addition, we organize cultural programs, regular „Friday Nights” program of the PIANO FORTE Jazz Concert Series and Open Stage led by Bori Attila Viktor, jazz pianist.



We are organized contemporary art exhibitions regularly. Our exhibitions are one month long. In addition our self-organized exhibitions we also give an opportunity renting the gallery, when external partners, schools, foundations rented our gallery spaces.